We think these bottles pair well with your taste so we’ve gone ahead and added them to your first box!

At the very least, your monthly box needs two bottles but feel free to add more.

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After your first box, you will be billed every month at the same date unless you've changed your delivery frequency or your subscription has been paused or cancelled. You can pause or cancel anytime from your settings with just a few clicks.

1, 2, 3... QUESTIONS!

New members

Will I be locked in? You can cancel, skip months or change your delivery frequency at any time. Once you log into your account, it's just a couple of clicks to make changes and to manage your subscription settings. You can even reach out to us at contact@winerendezvous.co and we'll do that for you! How much does it cost? There's no subscription or members fee. You just pay for your specific bottles and you've got full control over what price range you prefer. It's free shipping when you get four bottles or more in a box. Less than that and we charge a flat $10 fee for shipping Singapore wide. What if I don't like my recommended wines from the quiz? Although the quiz is often very accurate, it can't understand all you wonderful wine lovers. If this is you, we recommend building your own box by selecting your own bottles from our wines page to start. This will lock in your first colour and price preferences. Then make sure you rate your bottles accurately so our recommendation engine starts to learn about your tastes. Can I get more than two bottles each month? Three is the minimum. You can choose to receive up to 12 each month and change this whenever you like! What do the wines come with? Apart from your beautiful bottles, all wines come with their very own tasting notes with grape type details or stories behind the makers, along with food matching guidance and their very own matching recipes. You'll also earn points and get rewards along the way just for tasting your bottles!

What's Wine Rendez-Vous?

What do we do? We help you discover bottles you’ll love, that you might not pick yourself, through our perfect combination or curation and personalisation. Then we invite you to learn as much as you like about the world of wine, as we take you on a monthly wine adventure through the best local gems and international iconic wines! It’s our goal to be the world’s friendliest wine retailer. A proud alternative to traditional wine retail. We invite people to explore new bottles personalised to their tastes, and get educated about them if they’d like to. We’re surprising. We’re convenient. Pairing our customers to good wine.

How does it work?

It really is as easy as 1, 2 and 3! Just three simple steps, which we dive down into below, stand between you and your first box of wine adventures... 1. Start by taking our palate quiz. This gives us a starting point to choose wines to pair with your personal tastes. Each question is specifically designed to help us identify what wine characteristics you’ll like and also figure out what selection would suit your price and colour preferences. 2. Take our recommendations or make your own selection. We’ll recommend the top two bottles we think that would match your tastes. But you don’t have to accept these if you’re got other ideas. You can ask for new recommendations by refreshing each bottle or head to the all wines page and choose them all yourself. 3. Your monthly Wine Mixtape :) These first bottles will form the basis for your ongoing wine preferences. But you can always update them if you like. But once you’re happy, lock in your choices and head to the checkout to enter all your delivery and payment information in our secure checkout. That’s it. Give it a whirl. It’s lots of fun - we promise!

Shipping & Delivery

Please note! Whilst we're still shipping normally and dispatching same week, we are facing a big surge at the moment, which might lead to some little delays. Please allow for additional delays above their regular shipping times below. We endeavour to dispatch the week. And we stick to this 94% of the time. You should receive your first set of wines within 10 days.

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